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List all Symbols in a Package

Common Lisp provides some macros to iterate through the symbols of a package. The two most interesting are: DO-SYMBOLS and DO-EXTERNAL-SYMBOLS. DO-SYMBOLS iterates over the symbols accessible in the package and DO-EXTERNAL-SYMBOLS only iterates over the external symbols (you can see them as the real package API).

To print all exported symbols of a package named "PACKAGE", you can write:

(do-external-symbols (s (find-package "PACKAGE"))
  (print s))
You can also collect all these symbols in a list by writing:
(let (symbols)
  (do-external-symbols (s (find-package "PACKAGE"))
    (push s symbols))
Or you can do it with LOOP.
(loop for s being the external-symbols of (find-package "PACKAGE")
      collect s)

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